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PePWave Balance 30

PePWave Balance 30


Код товару: # 1578



PePWave Balance 30

Economically Enhance Performance and Reduce Downtime

PePLink Balance 30, with functionality aimed at Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environments, is the entry-level model in the PePLink Balance series of Internet Link Load Balance devices.

PePLink Balance 30 helps protect your business continuity by seamlessly connecting your business to the Internet through multiple independent links, and intelligently managing the links to provide automatic failover and enhanced performance.

PePLink Balance 30 is a solid performer with essential features.

Features Benefits
Link Aggregation and Load Balance Combine bandwidths from multiple Internet connections with ease.
Drop-in Mode Easy, transparent installation.
VoIP, SIP, and Vonage® Support Fully compatible with major SIP-based VoIP providers. Enjoy your calls.
Session Binding Compatible with secure web, e-banking, and other applications.

Link Aggregation and Outbound Load Balance
  • Combine the bandwidth and balance the load across three Internet links.
  • Bandwidth combination enhances throughput
  • Multiple Internet links provide redundancy and improve network availability.
  • Compatibility with economical and common types of Internet links, such as Cable and DSL, keeps running costs under control.

Intelligent & Automatic Failover

  • Regular health checks ensure up-to-date link statuses.
  • In case of a link failure, PePLink Balance automatically re-routes traffic to a healthy link to provide continuous Internet service.

Stateful Firewall

  • PePLink Balance provides a rule-based firewall that supports an unlimited number of rules.

Drop-in Mode

  • With Drop-in Mode, the installation of PePLink Balance does not require any changes in network configuration, and is also known as Transparent Bridge Mode.

Per-service Load Distribution/Weight Control

  • Outbound traffic over the available Internet links can be distributed based on configurable proportions.
  • Distribution of each traffic type can be independently configured according to protocol and port number.

Session Persistence/Binding

  • PePLink Balance supports Internet services, such as secure web, that require clients to maintain the same IP address throughout a session.

Multiple WAN IP and Subnet Support

  • Support for multiple Internet IP addresses from each ISP, so that services continue to be available in event of a link failure.

Web Administration Interface

  • A wizard & driven web-based administration user interface simplifies configuration.

On-the-fly Configuration

  • Settings can be changed and activated on PePLink Balance without system reboot.

Fanless Design, Low Heat Operation

  • PePLink Balance consumes 3.1W of power and generates minimal heat when in full operation.

What about support?
Included free of charge with every PePLink Balance 30 device is the Standard Support Service that provides unlimited email support with a 24-hour response time, and 5 free telephone support calls, all through the manufacturer. Also available is the optional One-year Priority Support Service that provides unlimited email support with a 12-hour response time, and unlimited telephone support. PePLink Balance 30 is also backed by an one-year limited warranty and lifetime firmware upgrade plan through the manufacturer.


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