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Xorcom Astribank-32 - 24 FXS + 8 FXO + I/O

Xorcom Astribank-32 - 24 FXS + 8 FXO + I/O, XR0009, Astribank 24 port FXS, 8 port FXO analog gateway


Код товару: # 2215



Astribank - The Ultimate Telephony Interface for Asterisk

  • USB channel bank for Asterisk
  • Supports FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI and R2
  • Native Asterisk - no extra software or hardware required*
  • Input/Output ports for connecting peripheral devices
  • From eight ports to hundreds of ports
  • Telecom connection option
  • Power drive for ISDN phones
* BRI requires additional free GPL software, supplied by Xorcom.

Astribank is a versatile and powerful channel bank that was specifically designed for the Asterisk IP-PBX. Astribank supports all the common telephony lines and trunks: FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI and R2. The Astribank driver is a part of the standard Asterisk distribution. With Xorcom Rapid Live CD™, a fully operational Asterisk server with preconfigured FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI and R2 ports can be up and working in less than 3 minutes!

The USB 2.0 interface supplied with the Asteribank server guarantees a reliable, extremely high bandwidth, hotpluggable solution that is not dependent on a PRI PCI card. The USB 2.0 plug-and-play connection can support, theoretically, over 3,000 concurrent calls on a single USB 2.0 port. The reliable, industry-standard USB connection eliminates the costly, cumbersome PRI cards that are needed for standard channel bank support, and adds unique features such as reliable fax support, transparent synchronization between Astribank units, an auxiliary system interface, and more.

Asterisk PBX Creation and Configuration in Only 3 Minutes!

Astribank Chassis
Each 19” 1U rack-mountable Astribank chassis accommodates up to four modules. Multiple Astribank units may be connected to a single Asterisk IP-PBX using different USB 2.0 ports, a USB 2.0 hub or a USB 2.0 PCI card.

Available Modules
  • FXS (8 ports) with I/O ports
  • FXO (8 ports)
  • BRI (2 ports, 4 ports, and 8 ports)
  • PRI (1 port, 2 ports, and 4 ports)
  • R2 (1 port, 2 ports, and 4 ports)
  • FXS+FXO (6 ports and 2 ports, respectively)

Telecom Connector Option (TCO)
This option is available in units with 24 or more FXS ports. To streamline installation of multi-port systems, the TCO unites all FXS ports on the Astribank unit into a single telecom connector on the real panel. All front panel indicators and RJ11 connectors remain active and enable easy monitoring and maintenance. A cable for connecting the telecom connector to the patch-panel is included.

Input/Output (I/O) Ports
Analog units with FXS modules support I/O ports. The two output ports enable activation/deactivation of peripheral devices by dialing an extension number. A popular example of output port usage is to open a door by dialing an extension. The four input ports create an off-hook event in Asterisk. The dial plan can be configured to use this function to dial an extension, play a message, send an email, activate another device using the output ports, etc. Examples of possible input port usage include forwarding a call to specific numbers, and playing a pre-recorded message if the fire/burglar alarm goes off.

Astribank is a USB channel bank especially designed for Asterisk Open Source PBX systems

Astribank connects to the Asterisk IP-PBX server via USB 2.0, thus eliminating the need for an intermediating PCI (the solution used by other channel banks). 

Astribank Outperforms Legacy Channel Banks

Category / Feature Astribank Channel Bank Comments
Specifically designed for Asterisk® Yes -  
Direct connection to Asterisk server Yes - Astribank does not require PRI card
Support for all telephony modules: FXS FXO BRI PRI R2 Yes -  
Non-intrusive installation Yes - Astribank uses the USB port
Automatic one-step configuration Yes - Astribank is a single device
Easy maintenance Yes - 2 devices, PCI installation vs. hot pluggable USB
Drivers are included in standard Asterisk Yes - Astribank is a native Asterisk appliance
Support for up to 32 analog ports Yes -  
Physical Dimensions
Supplied in small form factor Yes - Astribank chassis is 19" 1U
Density per unit height 32 12 Typical channel bank supports 24 in 2U
Weight 3 lbs 12 lbs  
Unique Features
Input ports Yes - Astribank supports inputs from auxiliary systems, such as alarms
Output ports Yes - Astribank supports activation of auxiliary devices, like gates
High Volume
Call density per PC connection USB 2.0 ultra bandwidth 24 ports for each PRI Astribank's single USB 2.0 port supports over 3000 calls
Cabinet space for 1000 ports 32 U (1.44 meters) 84 U (3.78 meters) Typical channel bank solution requires 42 PRI ports (i.e., 42 PCI busses)!
Maintainability and High Availability
Independent hot-pluggable unit Yes - Astribank is USB plug-and -play
No need to shut down and/or disassemble Asterisk server for maintenance Yes - No PRI card required for Astribank
Front panel maintenance and tapping ports Yes - Astribank provides clear status LED for each channel
Price Performance
Price per FXS port $58 $73 Typical channel bank requires PRI card
Price per FXO port $69 $94 Typical channel bank requires PRI card

Analog Astribank Models

Telephony Ports Optional Extras Part Number
- 8 - - XR0019
- 16 - - XR0020
- 24 - - XR0021
- 32 - - XR0022
6 2 + - XR0030
8 - + + XR0001
8 8 + + XR0004
8 16 + + XR0007
8 24 + + XR0011
16 - + + XR0003
16 8 + + XR0006
16 16 + + XR0010
24 - + + XR0005
24 8 + + XR0009
32 - + + XR0008

USB External USB 2.0 port
Weight 3kg / 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 19" 1U 
Mounting Options Wall, Rack

FXS Module
RJ11 connectors
Indicator lights for each channel
Message indicator light support
I/O ports Input / Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support
TCO P/N XR0034 Telecom Connector Option

FXO Module
Worldwide impedance matching
Flexible DC parameters
Indicator lights for active settings and line status, per channel

The Astribank driver has been an official part of Zaptel (a.k.a DAHDI) since release 1.2.4 in February 2006, making Astribank compatible with any standard Asterisk system.
Supported OS Debian, CentOS 5 CentOS 4
Supported Asterisk Distributions trixbox CE, Elastix