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Epygi Quadro-2X

Small Business IPBXs with AutoAtendant, VoiceMail, Call Forwarding, three way calling, unified messaging, voice and fax email forwarding and much more. 1FXO Port for PSTN line, 2 FXS Ports for Analog Phones and 8 additional SIP IP phones can be configure


Код товару: # 1418


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  • The Quadro2x is ideal for retail environments or small remote offices. The Quadro2x is an IP router, SIP gateway and IP PBX all in one box. The Quadro2x is equipped with two FXS ports for connection of standard analog POTS phones or fax machines. Eight (8) additional SIP IP phones can be configured as local extensions. In addition, there is one FXO port for connection to the PSTN. With a built-in QoS router, LAN and voice traffic can be routed to the Internet, eliminating the need for an additional IP router. The Quadro incorporates a stateful inspection firewall, NAT, DHCP client and server, and web browser configuration. In addition, the Quadro2x has voicemail, T.38 fax support, and IPSec VPN. With the purchase of a software key (SKU-QUADRO-730), the Quadro2x can expand to support 8 more IP phone extensions, bringing the total to 2 analog and 16 IP extensions. Note: One free Epygi softphone, the Quadro Communications Manager (QCM), license is included with the base system. The Quadro 2x includes 4 IP Phone ports and 2 FXS ports. Expansion key for 12 IP Phone ports will increase the system to a maximum of 16 IP Phone extensions for a total of 18 extensions. The Epygi can operate as a standalone IAD with DHCP and routing support for the branch office. Epygis IPBXs also support VPN and incorporate QOS.
  • Now available free with every IP IPBX is the HotCall feature. This plug-in gives Outlook users the ability to click-to-call directly from Outlook and handle incoming calls on their PC.
  • 14"x 12"x 3"


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